DIY Cardboard Kitty Cottage

This cat toy/bed is a great addition to your little buddy’s furniture. Complete with two hanging toys and scratching post plus you can throw a small pillow on the other side and its a Kitty Cottage!


  • Cardboard shipping tube
  • A cardboard box long enough for your cat to lay down in, plus some room for toys
  • Wood glue
  • Box tape
  • Household sponge
  • Sisal rope
  • Twine (string)
  • scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Safety pins
  • A couple cat toys

Optional: Hole cutter


Step 1: To improve stability tape the inside flaps together

 Step 2: Now tape the outside of the box together

Step 3: Again for stability tape the corners as shown below

Hint: Cut the tape at the corner to prevent creasing while applying

Step 4: Draw an entrance hole the size of your cat, I used a hole cutter to get a perfect circle

 Step 5: Cut the hole out with your box cutter


 Step 6: Draw a window in the middle of the box, I used a sponge to get a perfect rectangle

 Step 7: Cut the window out with your box cutter

Step 8: Draw a slightly bigger window next to the one in the middle, I used the sponge again to get a perfect rectangle


Step 9: Cut your cardboard shipping tube to the height of your box

Step 10: Cut a slit in the side of the tube about 1 1/2 inches down and just thick enough to fit the Sisal rope snugly then use the box tape to attach it to the inside

 Step 11: Tightly wrap the Sisal rope around the tube and repeat the process to attach it to the bottom of the tube

 Step 12: Using the box cutter make a small slit in the top of the box, now use the Twine (string) and the Safety pins make an anchor as shown below

 Step 13: Thread the string through the tube, and place it inside the cottage

 Step 14: Orient the toy tube where you want it to sit inside the cottage, then make another slit on the bottom of the box and pull the string tight

 Step 15: Repeat the anchor process on the bottom and cut the excess string

Step 16: Thread a ball toy with the string and tie it

 Step 17: Place the toy inside the cottage and anchor it (see step 12)

 Step 18: Attach another cat toy to the outside of the cottage this time, (using step 12)

Step 19: Cut a fringe pattern in the hole you cut out (in step 5) as shown below

Step 20: Using the wood glue, attach the circle inside the cottage as shown below and your done. You can finish the cottage with wrapping paper, sharpie, and even duct tape!

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